Sunday, 10 February 2008

An Invitation to the Dance

Ok, so this weekend i decided to lay off the booze and avoid a repeat of last weekend's blackout.

Went out for a work friend's birthday, which was good fun- managed to have a decent time despite having to explain to a whole new bunch of people why i don't dance (The short answer is i look ridiculous, the longer answer is that i just DON'T GET IT?!?)

I hate the way people sometimes make you out to be no fun whatsoever if you don't want to dance! It's crazy, like the only way you can have fun is by dancing! For those of you who don't know me, i've never been in danger of not having fun. ever.

Anyhow, the writing's been going well. I'm up to around 28 pages- almost finished the first act. I'm pleased with some of the stuff i've got down- managed to go over some stuff, and insert a couple of needed scenes in there to provide character motivation. All in all, i don't think the dialogue's anything to write home about yet- but hopefully i'll get it a bit cuter and smarter in the re-writes. All i'm looking for now is words on paper, and for it to make some sort of internal sense.

So, i was feeling pretty good about myself, and then BAM! Phone call off my landlord- he's been hit with a bill for lots of money, and unless i can sort this whole Uni/registration situation out soon, i'll be liable for it. I'm hoping that it'll all get sorted out very soon, and i'm doing everything i can at the moment to hurry everyone along. But jesus, i feel like this'll be a close one!

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Selene said...

You write very well.