Thursday, 1 May 2008

Second Act Blues

Ok, so it's been a fair while since i last left a message. So, i'll give a quick update on what's going on....
Lots of stuff seems to have happened in my general life (was nearly evicted, lost my job, etc), but in my writing, not a great deal has happened.

So, i guess this must be my first real experience with writers' block. It's strange, i have this feeling like i know exactly how to solve my screenplay problems; they seem strangely tangible, like i could almost reach out and touch them. But the more i try, the more ellusive they become, fading away into nothingness.

I'm basically hung up at the start of the second act. I'm having a real problem nailing my ideas down. I think that what this mainly comes down to is my lack of preparation in the beginning. I feel that maybe my initial outline wasn't fleshed out enough, and that now, it's slowly slipping away.

The first act has changed a great deal since my outline- i've made lots of changes with structure, plotting, pace, and characters, which has all had a knock-on effect for the rest of the story. Now, what would've happened in the second, and third acts, is no longer valid, so i need to lamost go back to the drawing board, and really nail down in what direction i want this to go in.

You see, i'm almost in two minds as to how to proceed with this. I want the script to be commercial enough to sell, but i think that it might be becoming too 'genre', sinking into cliche-infested waters. But i'm having a real problem in making something which is largely intangible into something scary, which is why i think that i have snuck down the more obvious horror path.

Oh well, i think i'm just going to have to go back to the beginning, and really hold a magnifying glass up to the structure of it- maybe even go back and write another outline, based on how i have written the first draft.

Sometimes writing can suck balls...

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