Monday, 4 February 2008

Fear and Loathing in Lampeter or The Loneliness of the Long Distance Student

Had a few days off work in a row now, but only really got some work done today, due to the biggest hangover in the world yesterday. My girlfriend had a Laguna Beach/California themed party at her halls on saturday. Who knew it's not a good idea to sit next to a table full of cocktails all night?!? The last thing i remember is declaring my undying love for Bill Russell....
However, apparently i did a spot of hill climbing (see picture), invented a cocktail which we promptly forgot, and drank some manky wine and moonshine. And i also asked my girlfriend whilest in bed to "Dance with me...." She does well to put up with me sometimes, heh heh.
I have no memory of any of this. All things in moderation, including moderation...

I feel weird at the moment. I'm in a weird situation with this whole uni thing at the mo.

I accepted the offer from Bangor Uni to do my MPhil a long time ago (to start the course in January) but i haven't heard anything from them for a while. I know it's a distance course, but sometimes i feel like there's too much distance!

I need to chase them up about providing me with a certificate of registration for my landlord. Basically because it's a student house i live in, he needs confirmation that i really am a student, otherwise he'll get hit with a £1000 council tax bill, and i'll get evicted! Crikey. So i've e mailed Bangor today, and hopefully that'll all get sorted out. The last thing i want at this point is to have nowhere to live.

Also, i've been feeling a bit strange about the whole situation of me being here in Lampeter. You see- i graduated from Lampeter Uni summer 2007, but they wouldn't let me back in to study for my MPhil (hardnosed bastards)- basically the uni lost a load of my work, and i had no proof that they'd lost it. So, in a nutshell they fucked me over, and i ended up losing roughly a third of my final marks, and only barely got a passing grade. Which sucks balls. But, fuck them, because i ended up getting into a better Uni completely on my own merit. And anyway, as my Philosophy professor was quick to point out, i got into my masters course, so who gives a fuck about my BA. Which i totally believe in.

But sometimes i feel really out of place wandering around the Lampeter uni campus. I have no computer, and have to sort of sneak on their computers on campus to write this screenplay. It's just like Jason Bourne, except less espionage, more typos. I love the fact that my friends and girlfriend are here, and they totally keep me sane. But, at the same time, i'll be happy when i move away from here and get more into the real world. If you ever visited Lampeter, you'd totally understand.

Anyhow, enough moaning.

I'm happy with the way my writing is progressing. Although i have totally realised that i haven't done nearly enough medical-based research into my screenplay (the film is set in a teaching hospital). I'm sort of looking into things as i'm writing to try and make them more plausible from a medical point of view. All i can say is thank the lord for Google and Wikipedia! Heh heh. Maybe i should rent some ER. You know, for SERIOUS research...

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