Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Wages of Fear

Ok, so yet again it's been an absolute age since i've last posted on here. Well, i came to a slight decision recently to put my writing on hold for a little while. You see, being a man i find it incredibly hard to multi-task. Maybe i should explain; At the moment, not much has changed from the last time i posted- I'm still unemployed and sort of stuck in a rut. But now, me and my girlfriend have a house in Cardiff, which is great. It's been bought and all the paperwork is going through now, and the estate agent estimated that we'll move in by the end of October. So with this in mind, i decided that i should shift the focus of my priorities a little; i decided that seen as i totally can't concentrate on more than one task at once, i should really concentrate fully on getting a proper job. Writing is not going to pay the bills anytime soon, so i'm having to work hard on trying to get a job instead for the meantime. It's taking ages to find a job as well- who knew that a degree in Film and Philosophy from a tiny University wouldn't see employers beating down my door to give me a job!?! So once i've got myself a job and the money starts coming in, then i'll be back on board with the writing.

As for the writing, i'm still labouring on the second act. It really is a quagmire in there. I need to really concentrate and strip away all the meat and get down to the bare bones of my story- i have to find what is the driving force behind the narrative, what makes the story my story. I came across a great quote from Bertrand Russell the other day which really seems to sum it all up;

"Everything is vague to a degree you do not realize till you have tried to make it precise"

When i started out on this story, i thought i knew it inside and out, but the more i try and examine it, the more it eludes me.

Anyway, in true 'me' style, i already have the basic outline for my next script (it would probably be a good idea to finish the first one first!), which will basically be a development of something i wrote during my degree. Yep, barely one script in, i'm already cannibalising my old ideas! The shallow well too soon dries!

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fan-DAN-go said...

Nice to see you back on the blog. Good to hear about the house, but sorry to hear about the continuation of your second act blues.

I wish I had something of importance to blame on my lack of writing, but alas, I can only blame my very generalised sense of apathy and the fear of discovering that i'm actaully a talentless hack.

Maybe one day I will get my nose back to the grindstone. Until then I shall continue to procrastinate my days away.

Good luck man, I have faith in you.