Sunday, 28 October 2007

The road starts here...

Well, ok, maybe a little introduction and background first.

I'm a 27 year old graduate in Film/Philosophy from University of Wales (that's in the UK to anyone not in the know) just starting my post-graduate life and degree...yep, i'm putting off the real world (again), and the inevitably crushing realism it brings, by embarking on another year of study! Whoop!

I'm just starting an MPhil in Screenwriting. Now MPhil seems to be a pretty cool way to study. Get this- remember all those godawful early morning lectures, where you have to leave your nice warm bed, and even nicer, warmer girlfriend, to drag your sorry ass down to a cold lecture room? Shit, wasn't it?

Well, with an MPhil, you don't have any of that! No lectures! Yep, you heard me lectures!

No more sitting next to nerdy mouth-breathers waffling on about Kant's Apriori flaws in his Critique of Pure Reason, or pretensious film students trying to convince me of the post-structuralism in the new P.T. Anderson movie...or W.S.Anderson movie, for that matter.

All i have to do is write a feature-length screenplay, and then a thesis related to the screenplay! No classes. No real deadlines. No lecturers breathing down my neck.

Yep, when i signed up, that sounded like a dream to me!

But, five weeks into my course, i've come round from my fever-dream and realised that i've practically got fuck all down on paper. Nada.

Damn. Seems i do need the structure. The early mornings. The nagging lecturers.

So, i figured that maybe if i created a blog about my progress through the system, maybe this would spur me on, and motivate my lazy ass into doing some work...

Of course, my degree is probably a bit more complicated than that...but, for now, i'm keeping it simple. Reducing it to bite-size pieces, and coating it in sweet, sweet sacarine, and hoping it's easier to swallow that way.

So, this is my first blog of (hopefully) many, to chart my progress, or lack of, through the world of post-graduate academia, and through the mucky ins and outs of the UK film industry.

The road to success is short.

This is the long road to failure...

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